Gilles Grosdoit-Artur - MMI
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MMI - Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet, Troyes / Gilles Grosdoit-Artur | About
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Gilles Grosdoit-Artur

Gilles Grosdoit-Artur

After acting as European Coordinator of International Study Programs and Faculty

Seminars for the Council on International Educational Exchange for a number of years,

I moved on to studying Multimedia and Web design at the University of California

and at Gobelins, École de l’Image.


Following graduation from both those institutions, I started teaching Wed Design

at Gobelins and at the IUT in Troyes. In the wake of this career move,

I was also lulled into teaching English!


I was born and raised in Brittany where I studied literature before living and working in

Los Angeles for a broader look at the world and more daring experiences. I then moved to Paris

where I spent nearly twenty years. While based in Paris, I gained significant professional and personal

experience as a consultant at CIEE’s headquarters in New York and at its regional office in Sydney.


I currently live mostly in Troyes (with very strong ties to Brittany and California).

I am a member of …