Gilles Grosdoit-Artur - MMI
Please remember that course material for each unit, whether for Web Design or for English classes, must be downloaded prior to the beginning of the next session. Failing to do so may result in unnecessarily delaying the beginning of classes, due to lengthy downloading times.
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MMI - Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet, Troyes / Gilles Grosdoit-Artur | English – S3
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Semester 2

English / M2101

Semester 3

English / M3101


All course material is available on URCA’s Intranet and must be downloaded prior to the beginning of each session.


The extent of your work as far as vocabulary and grammar review exercises are concerned depends entirely on your level and how you feel about the  proposed topics. Even if you feel comfortable, it is always a good thing to  review vocabulary and grammar. For each unit, more advanced practice may be found on line. Please make sure you review the provided links and resources. This work can be done, at least for one part, during the sessions.


Like grammar review, TOEIC practice activities aim at helping everybody reach a common basic ground. It is obviously more work for those of you with a lesser command of the language. To some of you, with greater fluency, it might seem like child’s play, but the final exam each semester seems to indicate that quite a few of you wrongly take it for granted – this being said, it is no brainer. TOEIC activities, whether vocabulary, grammar, or listening, are also provided to help you prepare for the test that you are encouraged to take in semester 4 (for more information on the TOEIC, please refer to the International Relations page on the URCA website).


Whatever your strengths or handicaps, it is entirely up to you what you make of the resources we provide. Unlike in secondary education, you are not being assessed every other week or so, so you really have to take your fate into your own hands as far as English is concerned (and not just English…). Your personal efforts and engagement will be assessed in the final exam only.

Working in The IT

2 TD (3 hours total) – Reading: Are These Normal Working Conditions? – TOEIC Practice: Banking/Capacity – Grammar Review: Questions in English


1 TP / 1 TD – Reading: The Office in HR Training – TOEIC Practice: Hotels/Time subordinates in future clauses – Grammar Review: Modals of Possibility – Probability

Trigger Warnings

1 TP – Reading: The Codling of The American Mind – TOEIC Practice: Weather/Possibility – Grammar Review: Modals of Possibility/Probability

Film – To Die For

3-hour session: Gus Van Sant’s ‘To Die For’ (1st part) / Writing Test (2nd part)

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Speaking Practice

1 TP – Speaking Practice for the test

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Time’s Up!

1TD/1 TP – Listening and Speaking Tests