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Please remember that course material for each unit, whether for Web Design or for English classes, must be downloaded prior to the beginning of the next session. Failing to do so may result in unnecessarily delaying the beginning of classes, due to lengthy downloading times.
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MMI - Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet, Troyes / Gilles Grosdoit-Artur | English S1 Unit 1
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Semester 1

English / M1101

Unit 2 – Unit 3 – Unit 4 – Unit 5 – Final Exams

Unit 1


Global English

1 TD / 1 TP (3 hours total)

All course material is available on Moodle and must be downloaded prior to the beginning of each session.

Reading / Writing

Article/Questions: Jill Stein for The Economist (Aug 10th 2013): ‘Nous Twitterons’, The French language is getting battered by social media

See original article →

TOEIC Practice / Grammar Review

Grammar Review: Adjectives vs Adverbs

Online exercises and articles


Adjectives and Adverbs–What’s the Difference? on Grammarly Blog*


*Grammerly Blog is a great, slightly offbeat website dedicated to English grammar and more generally, English usage.


Adjectives and Adverbs on BBC Learning English

(You might also want to take a look at the activities regarding adverb position: intermediate 15 & intermediate 19)


Englisch Hilfen is a German website with a wealth of information and exercises with answers that will prove very helpful to those of you in need of a serious brush-up of their English grammar.


Exercise 1 – Exercise 2 – Exercise 3 – Exercise 4


The Open University: The History of English in Ten Minutes – See the 10 tracks

In this session, we will use the video “Global English”, but you might want to take a look at the other nine videos of this course on the history of English.


Ted Talks: The World’s English Mania – The more advanced students among you will probably have time to take on a more challenging activity by completing the transcript of this Ted Talk show about the overwhelming popularity of the English language – View the video on Ted Talks


In this session, we will focus on the most common sound of the English language: the “schwa”. This sound may correspond to any written short vowel in a weak syllable. Make sure you have downloaded the pronunciation exercises on the bureau virtuel. For more information and practice, please review the following links.


BBC Learning English pronunciation tips: Tim’s Workshop – archive

Article on The Mental Floss: read.