Gilles Grosdoit-Artur - MMI
Please remember that course material for each unit, whether for Web Design or for English classes, must be downloaded prior to the beginning of the next session. Failing to do so may result in unnecessarily delaying the beginning of classes, due to lengthy downloading times.
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MMI - Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet, Troyes / Gilles Grosdoit-Artur | English S1 Unit 4
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Semester 1

English / M1101

Unit 1 – Unit 2 – Unit 4 – Unit 5 – Final Exams

Unit 3


David Hockney

1 TD / 1 TP (3 hours total)

All course material is available on Moodle and must be downloaded prior to the beginning of each session.

Reading / Writing

Article/Questions: Leah Garchik for The San Francisco Chronicle (October 27th, 2013): Hockney On ‘Looking Hard At The World’

See original article →

TOEIC Practice / Grammar Review

TOEIC: Employment – Past Simple and Continuous / Grammar Review: Past Simple

Online exercises and articles


The Past Simple on Grammarly Blog


Past Simple, Past Progressive Contrasted on Englisch Hilfen.

RulesExercise 1 – Exercise 2 – Exercise 3 – Exercise 4

Many more exercises on the simple past and past progressive.


Alan Cumming on How Pop Art Found Its Pop on Tate Video ‘Unlock Art’

Photoshop is Boring‘, David Hockney’s interview on Vimeo

In this session, we will further explore the universe of David Hockney and Pop Art.


In this session, we will focus on the pronunciation of the -ED ending.

BBC Learning English pronunciation tips: rulesactivity 1activity 2