Gilles Grosdoit-Artur - MMI
Please remember that course material for each unit, whether for Web Design or for English classes, must be downloaded prior to the beginning of the next session. Failing to do so may result in unnecessarily delaying the beginning of classes, due to lengthy downloading times.
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MMI - Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet, Troyes / Gilles Grosdoit-Artur | English S1 Unit 4
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Semester 1

English / M1101

Unit 1 – Unit 2 – Unit 3 – Unit 5 – Final Exams

Unit 4


Preparing for the Tests

1 TD / 1 TP (3 hours total)

All course material is available on Moodle and must be downloaded prior to the beginning of each session.


The speaking test consists in a reading exercise and a short presentation of a NYT or The Guardian’s article (please refer to the speaking test guidelines on the “Bureau Virtuel”.


As a preparation for the reading exercise, you will work on an extract of one of the following “Letters Live” (your pick!):

  • “Ought women not to be abolished all together?” Louise Brealey reads Clementine Churchill (check!);
  • “You could not possibly have had a greater loss” Benedict Cumberbatch reads Alan Turing (check!);
  • “I am the dead one” Andrew Scott reads Spike Milligan letter to his elusive friend, George Harrison (check!).


As a preparation for the speaking exercise, you will prepare a five-minute presentation of one of the following NYT’s video (again, your choice!):

  • He Draws New York’s Skyline From Memory (check!);
  • William Eggleston (check!) – If you don’t know this great American photographer, this video might require a little bit of research on the side;
  • Trump Voters, One Year Later (check!).